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Adulteration in food

Adulteration means the mixer of unwanted materials mixed in the food stuffs to add weight to the products to earn more profit. This leads harmful to the health problems. Adulteration in food is an ill legal process which is banned in many countries. Some permitted mixers are used in food products which is not harmful to the health. The adulteration is countries are governed by Food and safety department. For example papaya seeds are mixed in pepper by the sellers to tally the weight of pepper; this gives liver and stomach problems when consumed. These types of adulterants are seen in the market even though there are strict regulations in the most countries. Below are some of the food items which are undergone for adulteration.

Common Food Adulterants (Contaminants) found in Asia and their ill-effects:

Sl.No. Food Item Adulterant Ill Effects
1 Black Pepper Rotten Pepper or Pappya seeds Liver and Stomach problems
2 Chilly Powder Saw dust or brick powder Stomach disorder
3 Coconut Oil Mineral Oil Damages liver and heart, leads to Cancer
4 Common Salt Chalk Powder Digestion problem
5 Coffee Powder Tamarind seed powder or Chickory Powder Diarrohea, joint pain, giddiness and Stomach disorder
6 Grains, Spices and Pulses Sand, marble chips or artificial grains Liver, stomach and intestine disorder and affects teeth gums
7 Jaggary Chalk Powder or washing soda Vomiting and Diarrhoea
8 Milk, Kova and Cheese Water or Starch Digestive problems
9 Mustard Oil Argemone Oil Loss of eye sight, hear diseases, cancer and epidemic infections, beri beri.
10 Pulses – red gram Kesari Dhal Cripping Paralysis
11 Sugar Chalk Powder Digestive problems
12 Sweet, meats, ice-cream and bakery items Chemicals or Saccharine Gastro intestinal disorder and also leads to cancer
13 Sweets and Aereated Drinks Inedible colour and chemical additives Problems in eyes, bone, skin, lungs, ovaries and testes and also leads to cancer
14 Tea Saw dust or used tea leaves Digestive problems and liver disorder


How Adulteration can be stopped ?

  • Consumers should buy products in a trust able shop.
  • Products should be checked thoroughly.
  • Unpacked food items should be avoided.
  • The food items should be certified by the food and regulations authority.
  • If the product is adulterated compliant should be raised to the concern department.
  • Food items bought in open market should be avoided.
  • Sealed foods should be purchased.


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