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Diseases caused by Animals

Do you know there are various reasons behind diseases caused by animals to humans ?

Some diseases are curable and some are non curable when it is unnoticed and  leads to highly pathetic situation. Disease that spread from animal to human is called as Zoonotic diseases. Immediate action should be taken when a person is affected by zoonotic diseases. Here are some common diseases that come across.


Disease Anthrax
Causing Agent Bacillus anthracis– Bacterium
Disease acquired from Open cut in skin, by inhaling spores, as from animal hair or wool or by consuming contaminated meat or milk
Symptoms Skin eruption, respiratory tract inflammation and suffocation, which turns to be fatal
Treatment Workers in tannery and wool factories have to be vaccinated. Pet Animals have to be compulsorily inoculated.


Disease caused by animal to human

Disease Rabies
Causing Agent Rabies Virus
Disease acquired from Virus infected stray dogs and cats
Symptoms Rabies dogs are mad, changed voice and excessive salivation with high mucous content. In man, the rabies virus destroy the brain cells and spinal cells and causes severe headache, high fever, restlessness and inability to swallow even liquid due to choked throat.
Treatment Anti-rabbies vaccine should be given immediately to the victim after the dog bite. Compulsory immunization of pet dogs and cats
Prevention and Control Eradication of stray dogs and cats



Disease Hydatidosis
Causing Agent Dog tape worm
Disease acquired from Man acquires the disease from eating food or drinking water contaminated with egg
Symptoms Eggs develop in the water, hydatid or bladder worm in intestine, liver, lungs and other others. It causes inflammation in these organs. Liver is enlarged. vomiting , Diarrhea and Eosinophilia and other intestinal disorders
Treatment Men may be treated with drugs such as Atrabin. Dogs are treated with medicine such as Arecline Hydrobromide
Prevention and Control Thoroughly wash the hand before eating, Avoid playing with pet dogs. Dogs should not be allowed to eat raw meat.


Disease Leptospirosis
Causing Agent Leptospiro bacterium
Disease acquired from It is spread through contaminated water, dead rats, dead domesticated animals, pet animals or even through rat’s urine.
Symptoms It affects the normal functions of kidneys, liver, brain, eyes, uterus, lungs, intestine, etc., vomiting, headache, fever, body pain, jaundice, acute renal failure, internal haemorrhage, blood vomiting leading to heart attack
Treatment Proper antibiotic medicine should be given after proper diagnosing
Prevention and Control Rain water should not be logged in the living area. Dead rats and dead animals should be scientifically disposed off.


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