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Importance of Vitamins

Importance of Vitamins are  found in certain food which are vital to our health and longevity. Vitamins allow your body to grow and develop. Every vitamin has a specific and vital task to perform. It is important to know what vitamins are essential for our health, how they benefit us and where they can be obtained.

Vitamin source

Vitamin source

Vitamin A : Makes eyes, hair and skin healthy

It is found in Carrots, potatoes, papaya, mangoes, butter, sweet

Deficiency of Vitamin A causes: Night Blindness and Xeropthalmia.


Vitamin B₁ : Makes the digestive and nervous systems to work properly

It is found in eggs, meat, whole cereals and yeast

Deficiency of Vitamin B₁ causes: Beri-Beri.


Vitamin B₂ : Makes the skin and mouth healthy

It is found in green leafy vegetables, peas, beans and milk

Deficiency of Vitamin B₂ causes : Retarded growth and bad skin.


Vitamin B₁₂ : Makes healthy blood and red blood cells

It is found mostly in meat and non-vegetarian foods

Deficiency of Vitamin B₁₂ causes : Anaemia.


Vitamin C : Makes the body resistance to infections, of teeth, gums and joints

It is found in almost all fresh fruits, in particular, lemon, oranges and goose berries and guava.

Deficiency of Vitamin C causes: Scurvey.


Vitamin D : It aids in the normal strengthening of bones

It is found in fish liver oils, milk, meat

Deficiency of Vitamin D causes: Rickets in children Osteomalacia in Adults.


Vitamin K : It helps in the clotting of blood

It is found mostly in green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, egg yolks

Deficiency of Vitamin K causes: Excessive bleeding after injury – Haemophilia.

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