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Effects of Drugs

Drug abuse refers to the use of a drug by self-medication. It is a manner and amount that deviates from the approved medical and social patterns in a given culture at a given time. The word ‘narcotic’ means ‘to make...
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Chewing tobacco and its effects

Tobacco is consumed by people orally and it is chewed, where people think themselves that it acts as a stimulant, without knowing its dangerous effects in the human body. Man has started using tobacco from very ancient times. At present...
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What are De-addiction methods.?

Methods to get De-addicted: As per the drugs involved and associated psychological problems of the individual pattern, the management of drug abuse and must be individualized. Pharmacological interventions have been described for each category when medications are available. For rational...
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Social Facts about Addiction

Social Facts about Addiction: All over the world, excessive drinking/smoking/ intake of drugs are liable to cause profound social disruption particularly in the family. The home atmosphere is often detrimental to the children because of quarreling and violence of a...
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What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a chronic and progressive habit that leads to severe physical and social problems. As a serious health problem that cannot be neglected, the habit of addiction requires intervention and treatment. Alcohol abuse refers to any mental, physical or...
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What is the difference between habit and addiction?

Addiction – With an addiction you are not in control of your choices. Psychological/physical component involved. An addict is unable to control the aspects of the addiction without help as mental or physical conditions involved. Habit – With a habit...
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