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Causes of Coronary Heart Disease

The cause of Coronary heart disease is related to heart problems which results in heart attack. The heart works for 24 hours a day. Continues supply of oxygen and nutrients which is delivered by the blood through the coronary artery makes the heart functions normal. The blood flow can reduced by a process called atherosclerosis in which fatty substances build up inside the surface wall of blood vessels.

Coronary Heart Disease

Cause Coronary Heart Disease

In CHD this atherosclerosis affects the coronary artery which supplies blood to the heart muscles by reducing the lumen (The central space within a tube-shaped body part or organ, such as blood vessel or the intestine) of the artery.


  1. Chest pain or shortness of breath, with or without discomfort and this is the first symptom of CHD is heart attack or cardiac arrest (a sudden loss of heart function).
  2. Chest pain is caused when the blood flow to the heart is critically reduced and doesn’t match the demands placed on the heart called Angina. The same inadequate blood supply also may cause no symptoms, a condition called silent ischemia.
  3. In men angina is felt behind the sternum and radiate of the left arm, neck, shoulder, etc.,
  4. Women may get a less typical form of angina with a feeling of shortness of breath and congestion and linger behind the sternum.


Cigarette smoking, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, over weight / obesity, physical inactivity and diabetes.

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