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What is mean by Anorexia Nervosa

What is mean by Anorexia Nervosa: This is a condition patients aim to become slim and remain as such. The determination to diet (loss of appetite) is desired disorder in this, young girls are mainly affected and more rarely to boys; hostile relationship with their mother occurs and also they will be affected by depression.

  • Has a low body weight for their height
  • Resists keeping a normal body weight
  • They have an intense fear of gaining weight
  • Thinks she or he is fat even when very thin
  • Girls/ Women Misses 3 menstrual periods in a row

Reasons of anorexic:

85-95 % of Anorexics are female. Anorexia is mostly affected to girls and women, it can also affect boys and men. Anorexia depends on cultural habit among the country. People with different cultural backgrounds may develop eating habits for their stylish society because it’s hard to adapt to a new culture (a theory called “culture clash“). The stress of trying to live in two different cultures may cause some minorities to develop their eating disorders. This type of cultural change pushes them to become an Anorexic.


Anorexics are treated patients by encouraging weight gain and healthy eating. And by making physically and mentally strong. Psychotherapy to achieve emotional maturation is usually necessary in hospital in addition to correction of the eating disorders.

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