Ocean Current

Ocean Current:

A force action on Sea water regularly due to Wind, Temperature, Salinity, Breaking waves, Depth, Coriolis Effect, Cabbeling (Mixing of two separate water) and Interacting with other Water current create Ocean Current. Here we discuss a simple and easy way to understand the basic knowledge about Ocean current.

Depending upon the temperature the Ocean Currents are classified as Warm and Cold Ocean Currents. Warm current make coastal area warm, wet and make the surrounding Ice free. Cold currents make them cool, dry and form Ice Bergs.

The Ocean current flows for a greater distance and create a global continuous chain and create a major role in Climate change according to the region.

The wind and Ocean current tend to get deflected towards right in the Northern Hemisphere and left in the Sothern Hemisphere. There are different types of Ocean current with different names and these currents are formed based on the weather like warm or cold.

The large circular Ocean current forms the Gyre due to global wind and rotation of Earth. This major Ocean Gyre tends to form Ocean Conveyor Belt and helps to rotate it around the planet. This phenomenon is also called as Thermohaline circulation. This Ocean coveyor belt is essential for Temperature, salinity, growth of planktons etc.

Tides: Tides are caused by Moon, Sun and rotation of Earth. It create current in ocean that are stronger and weaker which will reflect along the side of the Estuaries, Sea shore, bay and the coastal areas.

Wind: Wind plays major role in the surface of the Ocean current. Wind creates Ocean current depending upon the pressure scale that occurs at the region and results to coastal upwelling. Wind drives Ocean current globally for long miles and helps in formation of Ocean Conveyor belts and gyres. Role of wind cannot be discussed or explained in few lines.

Thermohaline Circulation: Thermo means Temperature and Haline refers to Salinity. Density differs in water because of Temperature and Salinity in the different parts of Ocean. Ocean current happened by Thermohaline Circulation forms at Shallow or deeper in the sea and moves according to the Tide or Ocean current. Earth climate depends upon the current and vice versa. The nature of the current like Warm and Cold brings the Climate / Season around the land mass colder and warmer.

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